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Academy Policies

Performance Opportunities: The Academy will present major performances at several times during the school year--The Nutcracker in December under the sponsorship of Rotary Club of Pocatello, Coppelia in April (both an option for those in Ballet 1 or above), and the Spring Recital in May (for all Academy students). The "story" ballets feature the students in an ensemble or cast format and provide an opportunity to perform full-length ballets from the classical ballet repertoire (Sleeping Beauty 2006, Cinderella 2007, Giselle 2008, Coppelia 2009, and Swan Lake 2010, Sleeping Beauty 2011, Cinderella 2012, Giselle 2013). The Recital features students by classes and levels in ballet, tap, and jazz or modern pieces. Casting for The Nutcracker and Copellia is by audition only, although every eligible Academy student who wishes to participate will have a part. Community-wide auditions are also scheduled for The Nutcracker.

Less formal presentations may be made during the year, particularly during parent visitation weeks.

Advancement: It is typical to spend more than one year at each level in the Classical division, and there should not be an expectation by students or parents that advancement to a higher level will occur every year. The changing of levels in the Academy will be decided with each student's best interest in mind. If a child is advanced too quickly, he or she will miss some very valuable training essential to the correct progression. This may cause unnecessary struggle in the next level and may even be dangerous. Every dancer in the Academy will be placed with care and consideration at all levels of training.

Calendar and Cancellation of Classes: The Academy follows the calendar of School District #25 for extended closures (Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks). Classes are held as usual on single holidays (teacher in-service, half-days, national holidays, etc.) unless specifically noted in the Academy Calendar. The Academy also follows School District #25 closures for severe weather. In any other instance, when a class must be cancelled, every effort will be made to inform students on the website and a note posted on the bulletin board.

Absences and Make-Up Procedure: Students are strongly encouraged to attend all classes, and tuition cannot be refunded for classes missed. Should a student miss a class with a valid excuse, a make-up class may be arranged with permission of the teacher. Please inform teachers of anticipated absences as early as possible. During rehearsal periods, this notification must be in writing in the notebook on the desk in the Office.

Observation of Classes: Formal class observation weeks are scheduled twice during the year when parents are invited inside the classroom to observe an entire class. Please watch the bulletin board and newsletters for these dates. At other times, parents may watch discreetly from the foyer, but are asked NOT to stand close to the windows. This can be very distracting to the students and, therefore, very difficult for the teacher to maintain the students' attention. If this becomes a problem, the teacher may choose to close the studio blinds.

Classroom and Studio Etiquette: Teachers, students and property should be treated with the utmost respect at all times. NO talking in class. NO hanging on barres or leaning against mirrors. NO chewing gum. NO food in the studios (water is allowed). NO running in halls or the office. Please use the restroom before or after, but not during, class. Please remember to label all dance attire (including shoes) and leave valuables at home.

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Studio Communications:

Web site: www.brindusamoore.com is key to obtaining ALL information, including rehearsal schedules, the full-year calendar, notices of upcoming events (auditions and photographs), and faculty/staff bios. From time to time and when needed, The Academy will generate mass emails to reach everyone regarding important issues and events.

Bulletin boards: Printed copies of important information is found on the main bulletin boards opposite Studio B -- rehearsal schedules (posted on Mondays, two weeks in advance), current master schedule of classes, and timely articles about the Academy/students in the news. Please stay informed!

Also watch for notices posted on the viewing windows of Studios A and B.

Daily Message Notebook: This is always found on the Office desk for students/parents to leave messages for faculty. Messages are picked up daily. This is the place to record anticipated absences from classes and/or rehearsals. If messages are private, please place them in the tuition box that also is checked daily.

STUDENT SAFETY: There are times when no one in is the Office area, and students may be left unattended and without a phone. Therefore, please determine a pick-up/waiting procedure with your child, particularly younger students (we prefer they wait inside).

Please do not leave students at the studio more than 10 minutes before a class, and please be ON TIME to pick them up. If a parent is unavoidably delayed, we may ask a child to sit inside the studio and observe the next class. Do not panic -- if you do not see your child in the Office foyer, look in the classroom!